In the present time I am deeply involved in specialized works in the region of Hellevoetsluis, the Haringvliet estuary, “Voordelta” and other specific parts of the Dutch Delta (see video)
and developments and cultural protection at the isle Tiengemeten with many local friendships, (think of personalities like ferry service owner Huib Bijl, former Tiengemeten bounty Ratcatcher Hugo Schortinghuis, Piet Holster of the Hitsaert and so on). This all started out in early 2006 with a special volunteers contract resulting in running my own office, but I also do some work in several historic parts of the Rotterdam region now. I am related in this to the widely known Natuurmonumenten association in the Netherlands, when we talk about the renewal of the Dutch Delta system and to the foundation Historic Charlois (Rotterdam), where original Old Charlois is involved. I am also a member of the board since september 2016 at Old Charlois, because the people there asked me to do this. For me it is just a great honor, because it is the exact place where my life began and I really wanna help them overthere! Helping others has always been of deep importance and on a daily basis it is just very normal to me. Regularly I make trips throughout our country, mostly to study on all kind of subjects in relation to ecology and that kind of thing, but only when it is interesting enough. I am also a participant and student within the Dutch fish network and a big fan of Jaap van der Hiele and his team.
(Since 2002 there is a historic society with the name “Rotterdam is many villages” (“Rotterdam is vele dorpen” in Dutch), where the foundation Historic Charlois also anticipates in. I am looking forward to the future!)


Growing up as a child at Old Charlois and after moving house becoming a teenager at Carnisse Rotterdam in very difficult circumstances, finely led to becoming a guitarist songwriter in my younger adult years. You can read about this history throughout this site. Later on a process of spiritual exploration developed within my personality, while working a lot as a sound engineer and practicing many sports at a pretty high level and besides this doing certain meditation techniques, which finally brought me to clairvoyance in the autumn of my 28st year of birth. How this all happened in my personal life is fully explained at specific pages within my website.


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