Specialties & studies:                                                              

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About musical instruments and their backgrounds


About composing music & soundtracks


About sound engineering in professional environments


About multi sports like soccer, basketbal, skating sports, cycling sports, kayak sports etc.


About my specific vintage toys collection


About fish biology and its many species in the Netherlands & Benelux territories


About garden ecology


About the European Wolves


About the Eurasian Beavers


About the White Tailed Eagles


About universal wildlife, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure at the isle Tiengemeten & the ecology of the Haringvliet estuary and “Voordelta” territories


About invasive species


And species reintroduction  

(See for this type of information The Benelux/EU ecology archive)


About the life of the Whales (The Cetaceans)


About the use of mountainbikes & other equipment


A special info about the 50cc Honda Ruckus/Zoomer


About aerial & environmental photography


About historical research


About “the Rudolf Steiner archive”


About dreamlife and angelic information


About being a clairvoyant humanity helper in the present time


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