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The Johan Cruijff pages:

Within these pages I would like to talk about the life of Johan Cruijff, one of the greatest personalities the Netherlands has ever known. The fact is, that my family and myself had been part of certain networks, where interactions with Johan’s original lifework and later also Johan’s great worldwide social activities, played an important role in my personal life. I like to explain a bit about these things.
I name here a few people, with whom I have had several interactions with, who worked and lived together with Johan Cruijff on many occasions.
Aad de Mos (coach)
I am a nephew of Piet den Boer, who played for KV Mechelen when Aad de Mos was his coach.
Leo Beenhakker (coach)
When my father and Leo Beenhakker were kids, they used to go out fishing together. Later in time, Leo joined soccer trainingsessions organized by my dad.
Joop Hiele (goalkeeper)
I have been a very befriended classmate of Joop for four years during the early seventies. We used to sit together sharing the same table during topographic and English lessons and had a lot of fun. Later in time, Johan played together with Joop in the succesful Feyenoord team, that won the national Dutch title during the 83/84 season as well as the KNVB cup in the Netherlands.
Eddy Pieters Graafland (goalkeeper)
I met Eddy during a schooltime sports event, which contained clothing issues. I had to solve this with him in a very funny way. (More on this later.)
Sjaak Swart (soccer player)
I met Sjaak during my work for a pop-concert in Amsterdam.
Gert Piket (involvement with diverse soccer projects, including the Johan Cruijff foundation)
The younger brother of Gert, Albert Piket, used to be a very good friend and classmate of mine at Charlois when we were kids. We played soccer games together, with Gert as the leader and organizer.
Hans van Hees (a former very talented soccer player)
Hans used to live in the same commune, where my brother Bram once lived. I joined them in the commune later on. When my brother finally left the commune, Hans chose to live in the old quarters of my brother. This was very funny. Hans van Hees used to be a very talented soccer player at a young age. He used to be very good friends with Johan Neeskens and did manny manny training sessions together with him, who later in time became Johan 2 in Barcelona, together with Johan Cruijff and the Dutch national team. Johan Neeskens also invented the kid mascot you see nowadays at every bigger soccer event, during the worldcup tournament of 1978 in Argentina. Later on, Hans van Hees had problems with his knees, so it was decided he could not become a professional.
I will explain about all of the context that this has.
I realize that I could have met Johan personally in the past, just as it happened with so many other celebrities, like Phil Collins, James Last, Nils Lofgren, Mark Knopfler et cetera, whom I really did meet and had conversations with. With Johan this actually never took place. Therefore these pages, because I have a lot to say about this very special man. This has also a deep spiritual reason and a famous personality like Marco van Basten who I admire a very lot is probably not going to be pleased by that, but these facts have to be further explained.
It has something to do with the original network of Orange throughout Europe and many other parts of the world. (More on this later).


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